Clémentine California
& Patchouli Riviera Set

The fresh aquatic and citrus best seller


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Unisex perfumes. Made in France.
93% natural origin ingredients.
Value: $110

This fresh aquatic and citrus best seller set invites you to escape to a sunny destination with two of Atelier Cologne’s fresh and lively perfumes. Patchouli Riviera is the salty smell of your skin after a day on the water paired with best seller Clémentine California, a sunny composition built around clementine from California.

Clémentine California
This is the perfect moment to explore fruity and sweet scents..With its sunny composition built around Clementine scents from Italy, Clémentine California created by Atelier Cologne is the ideal summer perfume but can also be a subtle reminder of warm days during winter. Sweet-smelling notes of juniper berries from Turkey and Vetiver from Haiti also make this unisex fragrance a must for those who want to be the center of olfactory attention. After all, there is nothing more sensual than a delicate summer scent in a room. Patchouli Riviera

Freedom, the courage to discretely overcome any obstacle and the exciting sensation you can enjoy during a boat ride in the Mediterranean Sea: all these emotions are triggered by a sensual, woody scent. A patchouli based perfume will make you feel independent and want to do anything.

The Patchouli Riviera perfume by Atelier Cologne will show you how to cross mental borders and feel free. Combining the headnotes pink pomelo from Italy and star pink pepper from the Indian Ocean, this patchouli fragrance is both spicy, salty and woody. Feel its freshness on your skin and opt for new experiences. Nobody will be able to stop your creativity!


  • 30ml Patchouli Riviera
  • Aqua Leather Case
  • 10ml Clémentine California
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