Our Latest Collaboration

Clémentine California x Quentin Monge

Atelier Cologne presents its first Clementine California Limited Edition in collaboration with French artist Quentin Monge.

The Artist

Quentin Monge


Quentin grew up on a beach in south of France, where he started out drawing simple silhouettes in the sand. After travelling and working in Autralia, UK and Paris he decided to go back to Saint Tropez.

His childhood under the sun of the french riviera keeps haunting his work for our eyes pleasure.

When he’s not creating beautiful digital illustrations for editorial and advertising clients, he’s usually painting, cutting paper and eating blue cheese.

The Gift Set

Limited Edition

To fully experience the Clementine California Limited Edition, the iconic Ecrin Absolu will be wearing the colors of a Californian summer.

This premade set contains a Clémentine Califronia limited edition 100ml bottle.

Your exclusive gift

Limited Edition Gift

Receive as a gift a limited edition Quentin Monge pouch for any $100 purchase using the code: POUCH20. This exclusive pouch bears the colors used by the renamed artist Quentin Monge when reinterpreting the bestseller Clémentine California. It is an exclusive item that will enchant your summer days.

Offer valid from the 27th of July till the 9th of August

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