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Emeraude Agar

A last drink in a 1st class british gentlemen's club

Cologne absolue

[ pure perfume ]

Cologne absolue

Inspired by the legendary Eau de Cologne, the Cologne Absolue is a new olfactive family created in 2009 by Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, Atelier Cologne Creators and Founders. Genuine pure perfume exalting the magical freshness and elegance of citruses with exceptional lasting power thanks to very high concentrations of essential oils. For the first time, citruses are blended with the most precious natural raw materials for perfectly balanced creations and exceptional lasting power. Each Cologne Absolue tells the story of treasured emotions and powerful memories.


A unisex perfume. Made in France.
87% natural origin ingredients.
This fragrance makes you feel like it is there for a good reason. It confronts you with the power of your imagination and passion. Together with this perfume, a whirlwind of strong emotions suddenly touches your skin. You cannot escape it. It is stronger than you.

With the oud fragrance Emeraude Agar, Atelier Cologne shows you that intense sensations can fit even into a small perfume bottle. Being one of various unisex fragrances, its top perfume notes are an oud accord, bergamot from Italy and papyrus from India. This powerful, bold and woody scent will take all enthusiasts who are looking for sensual adventures to new spiritual heights.

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How to conserve your cologne?

Heat, light, and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen its quality.

Instead, store them in cool (non changing temperature), dry spots and away from windows and sunlight.

How to use your perfume?

When you spray perfume in areas directly underneath your nose, your brain gets used to it and gradually doesn’t smell it.

Opt instead for spraying on the arm area which is farther from your nose but where you can always smell it.

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