Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

The loyalty program is managed by L'OREAL LUXE USA Inc. Registered office: 10, Hudson Yard, New York, NY 10001, USA. The Loyalty Program allows you to accumulate points giving entitlement to benefits. Creating a customer account and registering your personal reward code implies the prior and unreserved acceptance of those terms and conditions. Only the current online terms and conditions are binding. Atelier Cologne reserves the right to modify at any time the present terms and conditions, the process to gain and redeem points as well as the program benefits.

Who can join the loyalty program?

Only individuals aged 18 years minimum can join. Professionals, or companies cannot join. To join, you must create a customer account on Atelier Cologne website and register your personal reward code. Atelier Cologne staff and people working for Atelier Cologne directly or indirectly (especially those working for companies distributing Atelier Cologne products), as well as their families, cannot join the program.

How to gain points?

Reward points are acquired by purchasing vials of 30 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml. The cards are inserted in the packaging of the bottles. These codes are unique and cannot be replaced or exchanged in the event of loss or theft. The sale or barter of cards is strictly forbidden. In the case of customized boxes, only the points associated with the most important container will be accepted (eg 200 ml in a 200 + 30 ml box). The other Atelier Cologne products are not eligible for points. Points earned are credited to the member's personal account, with each member having access to their points balance on the Atelier Cologne website. Atelier Cologne reserves the right to award additional points during special operations and / or events (birthdays, product launches, special operations etc.). Members will then be informed by email of the additional points awarded to them exceptional. Accumulated points are not transferable.

How do I register my reward code?

To register a code, log in to your account on Atelier Cologne website, go the to the Loyalty Program section and enter the reward code number showing on the card. Each code can only be entered once. No points can be added in case the loyalty card is missing or in case of loss of the reward card. Atelier Cologne reserves the right to carry out checks on compliance with the terms and conditions at any time and in particular to request proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice. This receipt or invoice must include the place of purchase, the details of the products purchased and the amount. Atelier Cologne reserves the right to remove points acquired in the event of non-presentation of proof of purchase and / or an unusual number of code entries.

How much time do I have to use my reward points?

Points are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of award. Each new purchase duly declared in the program extends the validity of all acquired points by 12 months. If no purchase is registered or declared for 12 months, the points will expire. Atelier Cologne reserves the right, without limitation, to terminate, modify, limit, or cancel the above validity, with or without notice. In case of cancellation the customer will be informed by email

Redeem your points

Cumulative points can be converted into a reward value that can be used for online orders to be shipped in following zones: United States and Europe . 10 points give right to a $1 credit. You can use a maximum of $40 credit per order. Usual website sales terms and conditions apply for orders placed with reward points.

Modification of the program

Atelier Cologne reserves the right to modify or delete the Loyalty Program at any time. In particular, changes may occur on the way one gain points or redeem points as well as benefits. In case of modification of the program the members will be notified by email

Limitations of use

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will automatically result in the cancelation of all acquired points and the closure of the loyalty account without any compensation of any kind. Atelier Cologne reserves the right to require evidence to justify acquired benefits. In the event of a lack of proof, Atelier Cologne may take all necessary measures. In particular, and without this being a limitation, the cancellation of acquired benefits, suspension or closure of customer account and legal measures in case of suspicion of fraud. The sale, distribution or exchange of reward points or cards is expressly forbidden. Any offender may be prosecuted