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Tobacco Texas

Candle [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

See ratings & comments

Tobacco Texas

Candle [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

See ratings & comments

  • 210 gr 210 gr $75.00
  • Tobacco candle Tobacco Texas
    You might be surprised to hear it but the spirit of Texas can be found in a scented candle. With the tobacco-scented candle Tobacco Texas, Atelier Cologne pays tribute to the arid plains of Texas which have a hypnotizing effect on anyone who sees them for the first time. The diversity and richness of this region invites your imagination to travel.

    The tobacco candle Tobacco Texas blends the fragrances of tobacco flower from Turkey, labdanum from Spain and davana from India. The spicy olfactory notes of this scented candle highlight the contrast between the dynamic city of Dallas and the vast, uninhabited deserts of Texas. This tobacco candle captures the unique atmosphere with its original combination of exotic fragrances.

  • Tobacco Flower from Turkey Labdanum from Spain Davana from India
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 HOW  TO USE ?  

1st Use: Burn the candle 1h to 1h30 in order to obtain a bath of liquid wax at the top. Then extinguish the candle by blowing on it. Then, wait until the wax solidifies again.

2nd Use: Make sure that the candle is cold and that the top wax is solid. Burn a candle from 1h minimum to 4h maximum, then extinguish it and wait until the wax solidifies again for next use.

16 mini-vials


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Ratings & reviews

David Ecker

Jan 19, 2019

Tobacco Nuit is one of the very best fragrances from Atelier Cologne. It is intense and only a few sprays are needed for a fragrance that you can apply once and have an amazing long lasting fragrance experience. The fragrance combines tobacco with citrus. I'm a huge fan of tobacco fragrances and this one is one of the finest.

David Ecker

Dec 17, 2018

World Class tobacco fragrance! Very memorable and taylor made for the holiday season! Winter ready and so addictive that if can be worn like a favorite blanket or coat!

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