Diffuser Rose London

Diffuser [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

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Diffuser Rose London

Diffuser [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

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  • 170 ml 170 ml $85.00
  • Home Stick Diffuser Rose London
    Depending on whether its fragrance is used for a perfume or a diffuser, a rose can express different emotions. However, one thing is sure: This sweet scent will always speak to your heart. Being the national flower of England, the rose is representative of the country’s self-image and history. Its vibrant heart, the city of London, is of emblematic significance for Atelier Cologne since the first British Atelier opened its doors in the flower market of Covent Garden.

    Rose London, a floral woody, the most sensual perfume of the collection.Composed around the celebrated English rose, it explores its more passionate and luminous facets.

    Atelier Cologne diffuser is made of ingredients of natural origin, with less CO2 rejection, nitrogen, phoshorus emission and oxidizing compounds.
    Each diffuser is concentrated at 10% which ensure quicker diffusion. The duration of perfume diffusion is more than 4 months.

  • Rose Absolue Ginger Guaiac Wood
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 HOW  TO USE ?  

Uncap the bottle first, then delicately untie the sticks and put the 8 of them into the bottle to allow the optimal and quickest diffusion.

It may take up until a day before fully perceiving the diffused perfume.

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Ratings & reviews

Perry Luisi

Jan 23, 2020

Deep dark Turkish rose combines with a light patchouli and spices to create a rose scent that a guy can proudly wear! This scent is sexy in an Arabian Nights kind of way!

Renee Rogers

Apr 24, 2019

I received this in the Discovery Set. It was the last one I tried because florals are my least favorite and rose is my least favorite of the florals. It did have an initial floral note of rose while wet and I wanted to wipe it off but thankfully once dry I was rewarded for my faith in Atelier with a richly complex, clean, beautiful fragrance. A breath of spring to carry with me all day.

I'm at work now breathing it in over and over... just divine. This would also work surprisingly well on men thanks to the patchouli and bergamot (my favorites).

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