Mimosa Indigo 100 ml
• Unisex • Natural origin ingredients • Made in France

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Mimosa Indigo 100 ml

• Unisex • Natural origin ingredients • Made in France

See ratings & comments

Your 30 ml travel spray refilled with the Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ] of your choice and its leather case engraved with your name or initials

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  • Floral perfume Mimosa Indigo
    A jazzy rhythm is swinging in the air. The passion that comes with improvising melodies can be felt everywhere in the room. The night is still young. Two listeners are sitting alone in a corner. Their eyes meet. They are waiting for the tune that might change their lives.

    Just like a spontaneous jazz duet, the fresh perfume Mimosa Indigo presents you a unique improvisation of different floral fragrances. Mimosa indigo accord, Mandarin from Italy and white leather accord are the main ingredients of this unisex perfume. Both velvety and addictive, this luxury fragrance will make you see the world in soft colours.

    The formula of the Mimosa Indigo perfume is made from 83% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality.

    * We consider an ingredient to be naturally derived if it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing yet still retains greater than 50% of its molecular structure from its original plant or mineral source.
  • Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ] concentrated at 20%
    Mimosa indigo accord,
    Mandarin from Italy,
    White leather accord


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“ It was three in the morning. She was in a taxi heading home. Still in her purple dress looking intensely beautiful. Passing in front of a jazz club, she could hear the music playing inside. She asked the driver to stop and pushed the door open. She slowly walked to the musician sitting in the dark and told him:« this is MY music ». ”

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Ratings & reviews

Antoinette Livingston

Jan 17, 2019

Yes, Mimosa Indigo is more pricier than the other perfumes, but this one is the BEST! I call it my signature scent. The scent is sort of sweet (almost has a coconutty smell), but the white leather accord helps give it substance. I wish this scent came in other products such as lotion and soap.

Why not give it a try? This exotic smelling cologne absolue will not disappoint.

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