Citron d'Erable 100 ml
• Unisex • Natural origin ingredients • Made in France

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Citron d'Erable 100 ml

• Unisex • Natural origin ingredients • Made in France

See ratings & comments

Your 30 ml travel spray refilled with the Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ] of your choice and its leather case engraved with your name or initials

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  • Lemon perfume Citron d’Erable
    Spring is in the air and the invigorating smell of flowers is starting to tickle your nose. You might imagine the original scent of a fresh lemon wrapped in maple syrup as a marvellous blend of cold and sunny notes. An olfactory echo of the spring season with its cool nights and warm days is welcoming you…

    The unisex perfume Citron d’Erable created by Atelier Cologne has an addictive scent. With ingredients like lemon from Italy, gurjum balsam from Malaysia and a maple syrup accord*, this fragrance with its warm citrus aroma will remind you of early spring sunshine. As part of the “Bon Voyage” collection, this lemon perfume for men and women is also a beautiful homage to Canada inviting you to take an aromatic trip abroad.

    * The formula of the Citron d’Erable perfume is made from 90% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality.

    * We consider an ingredient to be naturally derived if it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing yet still retains greater than 50% of its molecular structure from its original plant or mineral source.
  • Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ] concentrated at 15%
    Lemon from Italy,
    Maple syrup accord,
    Gurjum balsam from Malaysia


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“They heard about a "retreat" in the Great Lakes region: a couple of days in authentic wood cabins where all is raw and original, yet still beautiful. Each night promised new encounters, enjoying the warm citrus aroma of that familiar drink they shared. It was clear these moments would change them, maybe forever.”

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Ratings & reviews

Esther Park

Oct 12, 2017

I came across this heavenly scent when I visited the boutique in NYC for the first time. I do love citrus fragrances, and in my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful citrus blends, the effervescent lemon highlighted with subtle notes of honey / maple sap. It lingers on your skin without being overpowering, and every time I wear it, my mood immediately changes to something more positive. I got the monogrammed leather case with the travel size, it's so nice to throw in my bag and know I'm covered when I need a boost of happiness.

Emmy Ellison

May 6, 2017

PLEASE offer this in 200 ml size! I need it in my life!

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