Addictive Orientals

deep refinement luxurious sillage impactful aura enveloping
The power of precious, rare and opulent ingredients illuminated by radiant citruses.
Emeraude Agar
A last drink in a 1st class british gentlemen's club
From 100.00 €
Camélia Intrépide
An homage to the roaring twenties. Dressed in a gatsby-glamour outfit
From 100.00 €
Oud Saphir
Opulence as an art of living, conquering the world
From 100.00 €
Gold Leather
An extravagant night in La Havana
From 100.00 €
Silver Iris
A love message written with a lipstick on a mirror
From 100.00 €
Santal Carmin
A drop of woody audacity to dare the red carpet
From 280.00 €
Rose Anonyme Extrait
A sophisticated and audacious rose to be dompted
From 185.00 €
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