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Cédrat Venice

Candle [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

See ratings & comments

Cédrat Venice

Candle [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

See ratings & comments

  • 210 gr 210 gr $75.00
  • Citrus candle Cédrat Venice
    Sometimes, lighting a candle can change the entire atmosphere of your home. With the unique perfumes of its beautiful candles, Atelier Cologne invites you to wander through the streets and along the beaches of various exciting cities. The citrus candle Cédrat Venice, for example, will make you discover the inexhaustible energy of Los Angeles.

    Blending the fragrances of cedrat from Italy, spearmint from China and cypress from France, the aroma of the Cédrat Venice candle brings the blue ocean and the charming, colourful houses of Venice Beach to life. This unique place symbolizes freedom, power and independence. Enjoy the particular flair this citrus candle creates with its unique scent.

  • Cedrat Spearmint Cypress
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 HOW  TO USE ?  

1st Use: Burn the candle 1h to 1h30 in order to obtain a bath of liquid wax at the top. Then extinguish the candle by blowing on it. Then wait until the wax solidifies again.

2nd Use: Make sure that the candle is cold and that the top wax is solid. Burn a candle from 1h minimum to 4h maximum, then extinguish it and wait until the wax solidifies again for next use.

16 mini-vials


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Ratings & reviews

Cornelia Kalkopoulou

May 29, 2019

Really enchanting perfume that stays on for many hours. Clean and fresh scent. Like a morning walk on the beach. Beautiful!!!


May 11, 2019

I actually bought this by mistake. However, I'm really glad that I got to try it. It like all the other Atelier Colognes are top notch. This one has a fresh lemony scent but not overly so. It has a soft mint scent that seems to linger. I could still smell the scent on my skin even after exercising for 1 hour.

I would like to be notified when this product is back in stock.