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Perfume Wardrobe

See ratings & comments

Perfume Wardrobe

See ratings & comments


  • No two days are alike, and each day brings different emotions and moods. Perfume has the power to not only express your mood, but to transform it. Embrace the perfume wardrobing lifestyle to build a collection of scents that match, or transform your every mood. When you’re at a loss for words, let perfume do the talking.

    Musc Impérial is a sophisticated yet bright elixir capturing unique clary sage and bergamot from Italy in the warmth of seductive musk.

    Pomélo Paradis is a new and unexpected fragrance experience. Fresh and sparkling pomelo from Florida floats over rich notes of blackcurrant bud and the complexity of Haitian vetiver.

    Bergamote Soleil is effervescent and lively with a soft hint of floral in the background. This unisex fragrance offers a sunny composition built around the freshness of bergamot from Calabria.

    Grand Néroli, a romantic ingénue, wraps elegant orange blossom flower around layers of clean herbal notes, warm musks, and addictive vanilla.

    Orange Sanguine, a zesty and energizing burst of crushed ripe fruit, plays off sweet blood orange juice against bitter orange peel and sensual notes of geranium.

    Vanille Insensée, an electrical current runs through the subtle sweetness of vanilla, jasmine, and fresh lime to bond with rich oak moss, woods, and spicy coriander.

    A sunny composition, built around Clémentine from California, sets off the sweet, citrusy fruit with green notes of juniper and the tang of mandarin. The heart of intriguing star anise and a hint of pepper blends over a distinctively warm base of Haitian vetiver, sandalwood, and cypress.

    A completely unexpected experience inspired by ingredients from regions where water and sky become one, Cèdre Atlas is a woody and citrus fragrance with notes of atlas cedarwood from Moroccan rif, lemon from Sicily, and white amber.
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Ratings & reviews

Renee Rogers

Apr 15, 2019

Someone gave me a sample of Clementine California. Being from California, citrus has always been my favorite keynote. I bought the bottle and later the sample pack when it came in stock. I try a different fragrance each day and I love all of them. Some less, some more, but love them all. My least favorite is a note I don't like, Vetiver. I'm wearing it today and love it. Can't stop sniffing hahaha! My most favorite so far is Tobacco Nuit. Normally found in men's colognes I love, it's seriously divine. That's my next purchase.

I need a second job for my new fragrance habit. Seriously, I love everything Atelier.

Sarpreet Lidder

Mar 25, 2019

Very good

I would like to be notified when this product is back in stock.