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Collection Azur

Cèdre Atlas 100 ml

Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ] concentrated at 15%

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  • Description
    Crisp blue cedar enveloped by warm amber
  • Ingredients
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Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ] concentrated at 15%
Olfactives notes

Top notes

lemon from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria, blackcurrant bud from Burgundy

Heart notes

cedarwood from Moroccan rif, jasmine from Egypt, apricot

Base notes

white amber, papyrus from India, vetiver from Haiti

“He woke up suddenly, foggy and out of place. Scenes flashed in his head. They were chasing him. The snow pack was deep. He did not have what they wanted, but they would not believe him if he stopped. So he ran. Exhausted, he fell again. The moment he regained consciousness, a figure approached, she looked at him intently and spoke, «I can help you».”

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Ratings & reviews

Emily Gutknecht

Jan 16, 2017

This is such an intoxicating scent. It's the perfect strength, not too overpowering and not to faint. I think it is appropriate for both males and females. This product alone introduced me to Atelier Cologne and I'm excited to try the other scents and see what kind of pairings I can come up with although this one is absolutely perfect on its own. I love having a signature scent, and this one is definitely it. I don't ever see myself tiring of this one. Simply stunning! :)